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Zamalek Street Tree Inventory is Underway Dec 17, 2014

ZA Trees & Public Gardens Committee has embarked on a Street Tree Inventory project. A tree inventory entails the collection of detailed and accurate information on the health and diversity of a community’s “urban forest.” Its main purpose is to document and protect a community’s tree heritage, prioritize tree maintenance needs, and implement a proper tree management program to foster and perpetuate a healthy municipal forest (plan pruning schedules, identify diseases, and select appropriate replacements for hazardous trees).


With the help of horticulture experts, ZA is collecting data on each tree in Zamalek: its scientific name, age, size, location, and condition. Each tree is being assigned a number, using perfectly safe paint. The number on a tree represents the number of the tree on the street, each street starting with tree #1. Odd numbers are on one side of the street, even numbers on the other. The letters underneath the number stand for the street name (e.g. IZ = Ibn Zinky). The data gathered will be uploaded online in a digital map form, and it will be fed into an “urban forest management software,” to produce reports that can help in evaluating the diversity of Zamalek trees, as well as their treatment, trimming and/or replacement needs.


There are currently 2 horticulture teams undertaking the tree survey in Zamalek, and they are equipped with appropriate tree measurement tools, as well as GPS to locate trees on the map of the city. At the rate of 2 field trips per week each, and covering approximately 55 trees per trip, the two teams are expected to cover the estimated 5000 trees that make up Zamalek’s urban forest in 6 months.