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Our Work

Trees and Public Gardens


Active, began March 2013




The Association has been working with the District with the aim of improving the health of Zamalek trees and rehabilitating some of Zamalek’s public gardens.

Zamalek has a wealth of trees that line its streets, many of which are not in good condition. Trees are overgrown, they bend over, branches are low and snap frequently, and in the recent past, several trees have completely uprooted themselves and fallen over. In many cases, trees represent a safety hazard to residents and their properties, as well as to District workers who are called in during “emergencies,” usually to chop down an unwanted tree.

The Garden’s Department in the District faces many challenges, from the lack of appropriate tools and machinery, to a lack in an adequately trained workforce. Traffic and street parking also makes the work of District workers close to impossible. The result is that Zamalek trees have not been pruned in a long time, diseased trees are not regularly treated, and dead trees are not replaced.

Since March 2013, the Association has been working closely with the District on both short and long-term projects, with the aim of improving the health of Zamalek trees, beautifying Zamalek streets, and rehabilitating some of Zamalek’s public gardens. With the technical support of professors from the Horticulture Research Institute, the larger goal of the Association is to provide District workers with appropriate on-the-job training, and help the District formulate a system of routine tree and plant care to be implemented in Zamalek.

Short-Term Projects:

  1. Tree Planting
  2. Seasonal Flower Planting

Long-Term Projects:

  1. Tree Maintenance and Cataloging Project
  2. Street Tree Inventory
  3. Rehabilitation of Zohreya Botanical Garden


In 2014, the Association has continued to monitor the condition of trees and public gardens in Zamalek. It is currently in negotiation with the District and the Ministry of Agriculture to form a new and independent Gardening Department in Zamalek under their auspices.