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Our Work

Tree Maintenance & Cataloguing


Active, began March 2013




Ongoing efforts to care for Zamalek trees, green spaces and public gardens in consultation with the local District and Horticulture Research Institute.

Out of concern for the condition of Zamalek trees, the Association launched its newest project in collaboration with the Horticulture Research Institute and the Garden’s Department in the District, to upkeep and catalogue Zamalek trees, “re3ayet wa tawthiq ashgar al-Zamalek.”

The project began with a 3-day workshop on proper tree care, held in December 2013 for Zamalek residents and District employees, in collaboration the Horticulture Research Institute. Implementation started in February 2014. Now members of our Trees Committee join District workers and Horticulture professors on the streets every Tuesday morning to survey, diagnose, and prune Zamalek trees: a complicated process logistically, which includes enlisting the help of car park attendants and Traffic Police.

Notice: The kind of pruning we are doing now is not “seasonal pruning.” We are removing dead wood and broken/overgrown/infected branches from the trees so they can breathe and grow normally again, instead of being deformed or breaking and falling. This type of pruning can be done all year round, especially on Evergreen trees, like the Ficus Trees that line our streets.

Our project includes an agreement with the District on routine maintenance for Zamalek trees, an agreement with the Horticulture Research Institute for producing a catalogue of Zamalek trees, and a campaign by the Association to raise awareness among Zamalek residents, businesses and visitors about the value of our trees.