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Garbage & Waste Management


Active, began March 2013




The Association is currently in discussions with the Ministry of Environment to help find long-term solutions.

Alarmed by the new phenomenon of garbage piles accumulating on Zamalek streets, the Association has been meeting regularly with different entities involved in Zamalek garbage collection, to try and help find both short-term and long-term solutions to this endemic problem. Over the past year, the Association has also been conducting extensive research on the topic of waste management among several NGOs and private companies in the business of garbage collection and recycling.

Short-term Solutions:

  1. Garbage Truck
  2. One-Day Cleaning Campaigns
  3. “Adopt a Bin” Initiative
  4. A New Twist on the “Adopt a Bin” Initiative
  5. Street Sweeping Revamp
  6. Garbage Monitoring Scheme

Long-term solutions:

Since September 2013, the Association has been working actively with the Ministry of Environment and Zamalek Garbage collectors (Zabaleen), to help adapt the government’s new National Waste Management Project to fit Zamalek’s particular garbage collection situation. Undoubtedly, the future of proper waste management in Egypt lies in waste sorting at the source.

In 2014, the Association has continued to work with all entities involved in the process of garbage collection in Zamalek, and has continued to send out reports on a regular basis to the Prime Minister, Cairo Governor, and various Ministers outlining the problems Zamalek garbage collection faces, and proposing solutions. The Association currently pays for and monitors a garbage collection truck to run 2 shifts daily (7 – 11am, 4 – 8pm), to supplement the company’s work. The Association is also working closely to oversee the work of Zamalek’s 140 street sweepers and their supervisors (after providing workers with movable bins, tools, and clothing items, and their supervisors with 6 bicycles).