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First logo of the Association

The Zamalek Association for Services Development was founded as an NGO in 1991.  Mrs. Guzine Aref-Kassem and fourteen other Zamalek residents who wanted to play an active role in improving the quality of life on their Island founded it.

Over the years, the Association grew in numbers, and its members have been involved in various volunteer community service activities.  In 2012, and during the dramatic transformations taking place in the country, the Association opened its doors to new members, especially youth, to better tackle the urban challenges and possibilities the changing times were bringing to Zamalek.

Today, while the Association is reinventing itself, its mission remains the same: to ensure that Zamalek provides safe, clean, economically dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing places in which to live, work and visit.

The Association’s mission can only be realized through the cooperation between residents, the municipality, government authorities, and the business community.  Mediating between these different entities is a challenging task, which the Association has taken upon itself to try and achieve.  To this end, the Association is currently enlarging its membership base, bringing in Zamalek residents with different expertise to work together, to pool their resources and management skills, and to help establish the Association as an influential council in Zamalek’s urban affairs.


Mrs. Guzine Aref-Kassem, Founder of the Association with Mrs. Tawifka Tawfik, current President of the Association, at the Taste of Zamalek Event, Dec. 2013

The Association’s goals focus on developing different social services in Zamalek:

  1. It provides support for small and medium-sized projects that deal with street cleanliness and waste management, fixing sidewalks and streetlights, managing traffic and parking, the preservation of historical buildings, protecting parks, as well as planting and pruning trees.
  2. It involves Zamalek residents in various social awareness campaigns.
  3. It holds seasonal and special events aimed at community building and fundraising.
  4. It acts as a watchdog group, making sure that building and construction bylaws for Zamalek are upheld, and keeping an eye on any infringements on the rules and regulations that govern Zamalek’s urban landscape, particularly with regards to uncontrolled urban growth and the strain on the Island’s services caused by a large number of schools and their migrating schoolchildren populations, and more recently, by a surge in street-cafés.

Public and community service work is needed in Egypt today more than ever.  With the administration of its new Board of Directors, the Association has accomplished a lot in the past year.  Please join us to make your thoughts and deeds count in the shaping of the present and future of Zamalek!